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在线开展专业日语辅导 NICO PROJECT是面向非日语母语儿童的、通过实时在线的形式参加“YSC国际日语培训学校”(日本东京都福生)开展的日语辅导课程项目。 学生只需连接到互联网的在线教室界面,就可以参加专业日语培训课程,负责日语培训课程的专家都是具有少年、青年日语辅导经验和相关知识的教师。

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【NICO PROJECT is run by the NPO Youth Support Center :YSC (http://www.npo-ysc.jp/), which has 40 years of experience in supporting children and youth in difficult conditions.

YSC , which is based in Fussa City in Tokyo Prefecture, has offices in Adachi Ward, Itabashi Ward, and Hachioji City. The organization provides comprehensive support services including education, job assistance, and welfare services to young NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and social withdrawals who seek independence, children in poverty or of foreign residents, and disabled youth.】

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