About Us

NICO PROJECT为NPO法人青少年自助中心(总部位于日本东京都福生市)运营的项目,至1960年以来已帮助许多名逃学和闭门不出的儿童、青少年解决问题。 自助中心下设的常住外国人子弟辅导业务部自2010年开始运营“YSC国际日语培训学校”,面向非日语母语儿童、青少年实施日语辅导。迄今为止,已向18个国家约400名儿童与青少年提供了专业日语辅导课程,学校课程辅导及升学辅导等。


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日本东京都福生市志茂183-2-B1 YSC国际日语培训学校内 TEL 042-552-7400  MAIL info@nihongo-kodomo.net

Organization Profile

Name of Organization Non Profit Organization Youth Support Center
Date of Establishment September 6, 1999
Head office 2351-1, Fussa, Fussa city, Tokyo 1970011 Japan
E-mail ysc@interlink.or.jp
Official web site http://www.npo-ysc.jp/
Our mission To support children and youth who are facing difficulties in our society. To keep supporting them until they earn freedom and happiness. To keep supporting them until they become independent.