Three reasons why many choose NICO PROJECT

  • 【Lessons are provided by experts in Japanese language education for children

    The Japanese language teachers providing lessons in NICO PROJECT are not just qualified teachers who have completed a general Japanese language teacher training course with more than 420 hours, but are also experts in Japanese language education for the youth and have extensive knowledge of situations and issues specific to non-native Japanese-speaking children.】

  • Quick improvement with short-term intensive course structure

    【The Japanese language education provided by NICO PROJECT has implemented a systematic curriculum that focuses on Japanese grammar. Students improve their Japanese level from “Do not understand Japanese at all” right after their arrival in Japan to “Understand conversation to some extent” for about a short two-month (40 lessons) period.
    Raising their Japanese language skills to “Understand to some extent” level will not only free children from the stress of “Not understanding Japanese at all” in the early stage, but also allow school teachers and community volunteers to support the children more effectively.】

  • Extensive track record

    【The distributor of NICO PROJECT NPO Youth Support Center YSC Global School has been providing specialized Japanese Education opportunities to approximately 100 non-native Japanese-speaking children and youth a year since 2010. NICO PROJECT has received high commendations from many local governments, international associations, and NPOs, and has been introduced to schools in some regions as a part of their Japanese-language support programs.
    We deliver our extensive accumulated knowledge and know-how on Japanese-language education and learning assistance required by non-native Japanese-speaking children across Japan, over the net.】


  • 在没有日语培训机构的地区上学的学生


  • 周围没有日语培训机构及初升高辅导机构,且已年满15岁以上的青少年


  • 接受来自NPO及区域组织等的日语辅导的学生,但接受辅导的时间比较有限


  • 进一步向非日语母语儿童提供日语辅导的团体组织