Information Provided Under Japan’s Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Name of Distributor NPO Youth Support Center
Person in Charge Sadatsugu Kudo, President
Head Office 2351-1 Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo 1970011 Japan
Tel: 042-553-2575
NICO PROJECT Office 117-1-201 Honcho, Fussa-shi, Tokyo 1970022 Japan
Tel: 042-552-7400
Payment Methods Credit Card or Bank Transfer
Refund Policy As a general rule, the tuition, once paid, will not be refunded after a User has started taking a course.
When a User carries out the procedure for withdrawal from his/her membership after the payment of the tuition but before taking the first lesson, the tuition will be refunded.
When a refund is given, a User must pay 540 yen (tax included) for handling.
We will transfer to the designated bank account the remaining balance after deduction of the handling fee.