Terms of Use

Chapter 1 Use of Service

[Scope of Terms of Use]

The following terms of use are prescribed by the NPO Youth Support Center (hereinafter “YSC”) concerning the use by service applicants and users (hereinafter “Users”) of all services provided under “NICO | Japanese Language × Children Project” operated by YSC, and Users shall, by using the Service, be deemed to have consented to these Terms of Use:

[Registration for Service]

A person who applies for registration for the Service shall confirm and consent to the following matters:
1. A User will check the communications environment as to whether there is no hindrance to the use of the Service.
2. Where a User is minor, the User will obtain the consent of his/her parents or a legal representative.
3. A User will ensure that emails can be received.
4. A User will change the relevant settings so that emails from (domain name: nihongo-kodomo.net) and (domain name: kodomo-nihongo.com) can be received.
5. YSC may send notifications, advertising, and questionnaires by email to a User concerning the Service.
6. A User will install the version of Zoom that is recommended by YSC.
Note: In order to improve the quality of responses to inquiries, we may record and keep the contents of Users’ inquiries (including audio recording).

[Management of Password]

1. A User shall securely manage his/her password himself/herself.
2. A User shall not have a third party use his/her password.
3. If a User forgets the password or it is suspected that it is being used by an authorized person, the User shall promptly notify YSC and follow its instructions.

[Change of Registered Information]

If it is necessary for a User to change his/her registered information, he/she shall promptly carry out the procedure for changing the registered information.

[Prohibited Acts]

In using the Service, a User shall not engage in any act set forth in the following items:
1. An act of damaging or infringing YSC’s reputation, credit, copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, image rights, or privacy;
2. An act that is in violation of law, or public order and morals;
3. An act of interfering with the operation of the Service;
4. An act of using the Service for business or commercial purposes, or in preparation therefor;
5. An act of inducing or encouraging another User or a lecturer of the Service to engage in illegal activities;
6. An act of inflicting economic or non-economic loss, or other disadvantages on another User or a lecturer of the Service;
7. A criminal act or an act that leads to a criminal offense;
8. Harassing behavior against a lecturer or misconduct that interferes with a lesson, or other harassing activities;
9. An act of discriminating against or slandering “NICO | Japanese Language × Children Project” and the administrator of the site, or a third party; or
10. Any other act that YSC deems inappropriate.

Chapter 2 Online Learning Service

[Use of Learning Service]

After the completion of registration, a User may start using the learning service from the day when the first payment of the usage fee is confirmed by YSC in the system. The first consultation and trial will be provided free of charge.

[Learning Service]

1. The hours of the online learning differ according to the course for which a User signs up.
2. A User who fails to be present in the designated study room when the lesson is commenced, or to respond to a question by the lecturer shall be deemed to have cancelled the lesson.
3. A User who wishes to cancel a lesson shall make the cancellation online or by email at least 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the lesson.
4. If a User repeatedly cancels lessons without notice, warnings and instructions for improvement will be given; and if the User fails to follow instructions, his/her registration may be revoked.

[Usage Fees and Payment Method]

1. The tuition differs according to the course selected by a User or the number of lessons to be received.
2. Payment Method
After a course is determined, the User will be notified of the tuition by email.
Payment by credit card:
For the tuition of the selected course, an automatic withdrawal for credit card payments will be effectuated.
Payment by bank transfer:
The tuition shall be transferred to the designated bank account.


As a general rule, the tuition, once paid, will not be refunded after a User has started taking a course.
When a User carries out the procedure for withdrawal from his/her membership after the payment of the tuition but before taking the first lesson, the tuition will be refunded.
When a refund is given, a User must pay 540 yen (tax included) for handling.
We will transfer to the designated bank account the remaining balance after deduction of the handling fee.


A User who wishes to withdraw from his/her membership shall give notice by email.
The withdrawal in this context means discontinuing using the consultation service and deleting the registered information.
After notice of withdrawal and the completion of withdrawal, a User will lose his/her membership.
1. If it is before the commencement of a course or term, a User may request a refund of the tuition paid before then, for classes not yet received.
2. For a refund, the User must pay 540 yen (tax included) for handling, and the refund will be remitted to the designated bank account.
3. The procedure for withdrawal is completed when an application for withdrawal is confirmed, and an email is sent to notify the User of the completion of the procedure.
4. Unless otherwise requested by a User, the registered information of the User will be deleted when a period determined by YSC has elapsed since the withdrawal.
5. When withdrawal is completed, a User will lose all rights to the learning service at the time of the forfeiture of his/her membership, and may make no claim against YSC.

[Handling of Registered Information]

The personal information protection policy of the Corporation applies.

[Use of Zoom]

The online learning service will be provided with the use of the service provided by Zoom. For the use of Zoom, a User must consent to the following matters:
1. A User shall comply with all terms and guidelines presented by Zoom.
2. Prior to the use of the Service, a User shall download and install Zoom and check its functions.
3. A User shall download, install, configure, and use Zoom solely at his/her responsibility and expense.
4. YSC shall under no circumstances be responsible for the failure of any function of Zoom arising after the commencement of a class.
5. A User shall, solely at his/her responsibility, receive any file sent by a lecturer, including through the chat function of Zoom or open any URL other than the Web site.
6. YSC shall undertake no obligation to respond to any consultation or inquiries regarding the service provided by Zoom.
7. YSC may suspend the Service without advance notice if it is difficult to provide the Service for compelling reasons, including a failure of Zoom or the application, the political situation at home and abroad, natural disasters, or a failure of the relevant server.

[Copyrights and Ownership]

The copyrights and ownership of all trademarks, logotypes, descriptions, and other content related to the Service shall be vested in YSC.
Without the advance explicit consent of YSC, a User shall not use those trademarks or other intellectual property, publish them in magazines or other sites, alter, duplicate, or otherwise engage in any activities beyond the intended purpose of use of the Service.
If a User violates the preceding paragraph, YSC may take the relevant steps against the User under the Copyright Act, the Trademark Act, and other relevant laws (warnings, lawsuits, claims for damages, injunction, claims for steps for the restoration of reputation, etc.).

[Revision of Terms of Use]

When these Terms of Use are revised, notice shall be sent by email or other means.
Supplementary Provision: These Terms of Use shall become effective on 2017/11/1.