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NICO PROJECT บริหารโดยนิติบุคคล NPO ศูนย์สนับสนุนการพึ่งพาตัวเองของเยาวชน (สำนักงานหลัก : กรุงโตเกียว
เมืองฟุสสะ) ซึ่งมีผลงานในการช่วยเหลือเด็กหรือวัยรุ่นที่ไม่ยอมไปรงเรียนหรือเก็บตัวอยู่ในห้องตั้งแต่ปี 1960

ต่างประเทศ “YSC โกลบอลสคูล” ตั้งแต่ปี 2010 ที่ผ่านมาได้อบรมภาษาญี่ปุ่น , สนับสนุนการเรียนหลักสูตรวิชา , แนะแนว
เส้นทางในอนาคตอย่างมืออาชีพให้กับเด็กและวัยรุ่นกว่า 400 คนใน 18 ประเทศทั่วโลก


NPO Youth Support CenterIki Tanaka

【Welcome to NICO PROJECT!
In public schools in Japan, there are 43,000 non-native Japanese-speaking children who do not understand Japanese today. Not a small number of them do not understand teachers, cannot catch up with classes even if they attend classes, and cannot make friends due to the language barrier.
In addition, about 20 percent of such children do not receive any assistance from their local government or school, because it is hard to find teachers, or the budget is tight in smaller local governments.
NICO has been providing specialized Japanese language study and learning enhancement support opportunities to approximately 100 non-native Japanese-speaking children a year since 2010. NICO has provided support to children and youth aged 6 to 30’s of over 26 countries so far.
NICO was able to offer such opportunities to only limited numbers of students on site (off-line). Because of this and the desire to help more individuals, the organization explored the possibilities of providing Japanese language study opportunities to children across Japan who couldn’t reach such opportunities, unitizing the organization’s accumulated know how. It was “The NICO | Japanese Language x Children Project” that NICO developed after years of trial and error.
NICO PROJECT continues to proceed, aiming to be able to provide education opportunities by experts to all non-native Japanese-speaking children. 】

ภายใน YSC โกลบอลสคูล

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183-2-B1, Shimo, Fussa-shi, Tokyo, 197-0023, Japan
YSC Global School Campus
TEL 042-552-7400

Organization Profile

Name of Organization Non Profit Organization Youth Support Center
Date of Establishment September 6, 1999
Head office 2351-1, Fussa, Fussa city, Tokyo 1970011 Japan
E-mail ysc@interlink.or.jp
Official web site http://www.npo-ysc.jp/
Our mission To support children and youth who are facing difficulties in our society. To keep supporting them until they earn freedom and happiness. To keep supporting them until they become independent.