【NICO Student’s Voice】16 y/o Filipino descent (learned from Chugoku region)

We had an interview with J. M., who learned through NICO Project from Chugoku region. 


How did you feel about the teachers and your classmates?

I experienced a lot of great things in Nico such as being able to communicate with other foreign students who’re in the same situation as me.

The teachers were all so understanding and welcoming to me. I’m so grateful and happy to experience learning a lot Japanese through Nico.

To my fellow classmates who were also doing their best to learn Japanese, at first I thought it would be hard for me but as day pass by, I felt more comfortable.

I learned a lot from Nico. I would like to thank the teachers for doing their best in teaching us.


What were you worried about learning through NICO before getting started?

I was worried about my signal in my house since I am far away. But the teachers did their best to fix the problem.

There are not so many worries because most of it is great experiences that created memorable memories.


What do you think about the best thing to learn through NICO?

I like the way the teacher teaches Japanese because she makes sure that we understand and learn the topic.

The teacher recalls topics so that we will remember it.

It is amazing to communicate comfortably with my classmates during class activities.

Even though I am far away, they are all so welcoming to me and friendly.