NICO Student’s voice: Handoreas Stefano, Using NICO from Indonesia

“First-time” gathering with REAL classmates off-line in Japan!

1. Taking a course from Japan while you’re in Indonesia.
It’s a totally new and fresh experience. I loved all process of it. I was hesitated at first whether I could keep up with the schedule also to maintain connection and good relationship with the teachers and the other students, but everyone was extremely friendly and cooperative. Always made me feel comfortable in every class that I attended. So eventhough I can only attend the class online, everything worked well for me and I’ve learned a lot.

2. Studying while working & shuffling between Jakarta & Bali
Of course it is not easy. As I don’t have a fixed work schedule so I’m always required to be able to manage my time to attend as many classes as I can. The most difficult part is because the class schedules are not only 1-2 hour studying session, but more like attending a school. So I was having a hard time to juggle with my super flexible work schedule, but it’s all worth the effort.

Enjoying a lesson with classmates all over the world.

3. Your classmates
Best classmates ever! despite the difference in age and nationality as well as the language barrier, they still showed me their honest and true self. So happy to have learned together with them!